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If you are a student at UIUC and found this page, definately contact me just to say hi (or if you have any tools that you think would be useful that you want me to make).


How to use a bookmarklet? Press Ctrl+Shift+B to show your Bookmarks bar, and then drag the link below to your Bookmarks bar. Then, simply click it to activate.

CS 124

CS 124 is a great course, but for those who already know some Java/Kotlin, listening to all the code walkthroughs at 1x speed can be tedious.

This bookmarklet is the solution. Don't skip class: speed up the audio walkthroughs!

Directions for use: Go to the CS 124 page for the day, click on the bubble of the person you want to listen to, then click the bookmarklet to unlock the speed up option for the audio playback.

[cs124] Speed up audio


RSO full list

Tired of clicking LOAD MORE on https://illinois.campuslabs.com/engage/organizations? Click once below instead:

It may not look as pretty (because I didn't want to spend time on this), but you can now search through descriptions and quickly browse through all categories of Registered Student Organizations