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TDX Updater

Latest Version

TDX Updater [22.11.22]

How to use

To get TDX Updater to update your tickets without refreshing the page, first drag the bubble above into your bookmarks bar (show bookmarks bar with Ctrl+Shift+B), navigate to the TDX Site, and click the TDX Updater link from your bookmarks bar. Then, TDX Updater will automatically refresh the ticket buckets for you.

You can tell TDX Updater is updating your tickets when there is a green border around the box.

To modify the TDX Updater settings, click the TDX Updater bubble that is in the top right of the screen. Here you can change which buckets to update, how frequently to update, and set alerts when new tickets come in.

You will need to click the bookmarklet each time you load the TeamDynamix page to activate TDX Updater.