FakeHacks Sandbox

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In the FakeHacks Sandbox, you can write your own JavaScript code and package it into a bookmarklet.

Currently, there is no option to publish your FakeHack to this site. I could make a FakeHack sharing ecosystem, but I have other priorities at the moment. Feel free to use the FakeHack yourself from your Bookmarks bar.



You will want to use your browsers console to check for errors, especially if nothing is working. You can open the console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+j or right clicking, choosing inspect, and clicking the Console tab. More about the Chrome developer tools

If you aren't able to access the console (maybe your device admin has it disabled), unfortunately you will have to just use alert(); to output debugging messages. I thought about making a console displayer, but time is precious. If there is enough interest, I may add it.

If your changes aren't showing, make sure you click the Create button each time your want to rebuild the FakeHack. The FakeHack will not be updated otherwise.

If you would like, you can test the FakeHack on the site by clicking the FakeHack bubble instead of dragging it to your bookmarks bar first. Otherwise, you will need to delete the bookmarklet and drag a new copy to your bookmarks bar each time you want to update your FakeHack.


92Dev takes no responsibility for the use of this tool, including any malicious harm that may result from using it. Never paste code you don't understand.