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Example: Drag the test to your bookmark bar and click on it

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What is a Bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is some javascript code that is stored as a bookmark.
To save a bookmarklet, first drag it into your bookmarks bar (to open it, press Ctrl+Shift+B)
Then, to use the bookmarklet, click it in your bookmarks bar.

What are "FakeHacks"?

FakeHacks are bookmarklets that you can put on another friend's computer to freak them out and click on it to make them think they're being hacked.
They are harmless and don't do anything real (just refresh the page to remove them)
You can also put them on your Chromebook to mess around with or to entertain your teacher :)

To get to this page quick on a friend's computer, go to tinyurl.com/fakehacks92

Can I change the name of the FakeHacks bookmarklets?

Of course! Once the bookmarklet is in your bookmarks bar, right click it and choose Edit..
Then, change the Name to whatever you like. For example, change it to Google Classroom and then you can tell your friend to click on it.
Do not change the URL field or this will break the FakeHacks bookmarklet!

My screen is all messed up/my teacher is mad at me! How do I remove the FakeHacks?

Simply refresh the page (Ctrl+R) and all the FakeHacks effects will go away. Phew!

Enjoy and FakeHack your friends!

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Want to create your own FakeHack?

If you want to write the code for your own FakeHack or just mess around with coding JavaScript, you can do so on the FakeHacks Sandbox page.